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Family therapy can help repair relationships and solve problems that have been slowly deteriorating the family for years.  It can also become part of an individual solution if just one family member is having problems. Often when there are problems within a family, the family is prone to blaming it all on one person; perhaps the alcoholic or the drug addict, the depressed teenager, the workaholic, etc, but in reality each member of the family has played a part in the dysfunction.

The goal of family therapy is to air feelings that have not been expressed out of fear or because a member of the family has been unable or unwilling to listen to the feedback he/she has been receiving. Often parents have sought out treatment for out of control adolescents and in this process experience the positive process of family therapy. Instead of writing off one family member as bad, each member helps the "person in trouble" learn how to function normally in society.

Family therapy digs to the root of problems and lets each family member go through his or her own individual process. Family healing is one of the most important aspects of a recovering person's life. If the family can become a functional unit, the individual is less likely to struggle at home. 


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